In Memory of Mr Smith

Charismatic Mr Smith, who was the Restaurant “O Dragoeiro” doorman for 36 years, was a gentleman no one could ever forget. With his bright, colourful jackets and instantly recognisable face, he welcomed guests and passers-by as long-lost friends. Ready with a kind word and a beaming smile he wound his way into the hearts of many, who treated and greeted him as enthusiastically as he greeted them. His long, vibrant jackets were his trademark as were his words of welcome and glass of Madeira wine.

Born in Mozambique, Mr Smith’s natural friendliness and colourful attire brought him many friends from all over the world, but sadly he passed away on the 11th of February 2018, he was 85 years old.  He is still deeply and greatly missed by everyone who knew him, with his colleagues sharing their grief by saying ‘Mr Smith is a great loss to our home and our hearts. Until one day my friend.’

A great man who will be with us always!

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